Transmission rebuilds are Apollo's specialty

If an Apollo Transmission Multi-Point Inspection diagnosis shows your transmission needs to be rebuilt, you can rest assured that the work Apollo Transmission does on your vehicle will be done right. Our transmission rebuilds are backed by the strongest nationwide warranty in the business - up to the life of your vehicle.

Does your vehicle require a transmission or major repair? At this time, some customers begin to think, "This car's not worth it, I'll just buy a new one." If you're like one of these customers, it's important to understand the true costs of buying a new vehicle (even a used vehicle) before going down that path. You'll see that a guaranteed rebuilt transmission in your current vehicle makes a lot more sense (and saves a lot more dollars).

When an Apollo Transmission technician rebuilds your transmission, only quality replacement parts are used. The original unit is rebuilt by an on-site expert technician. The first step is to completely disassemble your transmission, rebuild it with quality parts, and thoroughly clean and inspect your transmission's internal and external components. Then, the technician will reinstall your transmission, refill the fluid, make any external adjustments, and perform a road test to ensure any problems you noticed before servicing have been corrected.

While the costs of ownership due to depreciation are lower, there is still a big difference in costs between even buying a used vehicle versus repairing your current vehicle. The newer the vehicle, the more expensive and the more likely you will need to finance that vehicle and pay interest. An older vehicle? And you may be buying someone else's headaches. By keeping your vehicle and adding an Apollo rebuilt transmission, you know the service history of the vehicle and know that you're protected from additional costs of any future transmission problems for as long as you own that vehicle.

You can relax, knowing that your transmission has been rebuilt to Apollo Transmission's exacting quality standards and that it is backed with a nationwide warranty.