Tire Changes, Repairs and Storage



As tire replacements can often be unexpected and expensive, taking proper care of them will help to avoid such incidents.We are a fully equipped, licensed and BBB-accredited mobile tire business. From simple tire mounting to seasonal tire storage, if it's made of rubber we can handle it!

Checking your tires regularly is crucial for stopping and cornering safely and for ensuring that your ride is smooth, safe and comfortable. Apollo Transmission carries a full line of major brand tires for all seasons and driving conditions.

While all-season tires can effectively handle both dry and wet roads, we recommend winter tires for driving in snowy conditions. Spring and fall tire service should consist of exchanging summer or light all-season tires for winter, or snow tires.

Winter tires provide more traction and grip, which will provide you better control over your vehicle in snowy and icy conditions. The tread design is quite different from all-season tires – it’s more aggressive, resulting in superior control and grip so that your wheels don’t just spin in slippery weather.

Winter tires also remain pliable in colder temperatures because they’re designed with rubber compounds designed not to harden in lower temperatures as all season tire compounds do. Softer compounds help them to stick to ice and dig through snow in the cold helping you stay safe and drive with confidence in our snowy Canadian winters.

Most tire changeovers can be done quickly. The service includes:

  • Removing tires from vehicle
  • Replacing existing tires with new set
  • Replacing stems if needed
  • Electronic balancing
  • Remount of tires on vehicle
  • Torque bolts to required specifications

  • Other Tire Services

  • Tire Swaps
  • Tire and Rim Sales
  • Tire Storage
  • Low Profile Tire Service
  • Flat Tire Service
  • TPMS Programming
  • Tire Recycling
  • Tire Mount and Balance
  • Express Rim Service (rim polish, valve stem and cap replacement, bead Sealer)
  • TPMS Sensor Replacement
  • Lock Nut Removal
  • and much more.