Oil changes and filter checks

An Oil Change is often performed during scheduled maintenance. Other vehicle maintenance services that should be performed while getting your oil changed are checking the fluid levels of your radiator, transmission and pressure of your tire.

Apollo Transmission and Automotive Repair offers oil changes as well as services for the filters and fluids in your vehicle. The filter system in your car or truck plays an important role in the overall longevity of your vehicle.

Filters in your car or truck should be checked and replaced regularly as they are a part of your vehicle’s normal wear components. The frequency in which you should have your filters and fluids checked and replaced depend on mileage, your driving habits, road conditions, and filter and vehicle types. Poor gas mileage, hesitation when accelerating, and odours inside your automobile can all signal the the need for an oil or filter check.

Our oil change and filter services are complemented by our Diagnostic Services and Multi-Point Inspection and Purge and Maintenance Services.


Regular oil changes ensure your car's engine is running at its peak performance and keeps you from seeing more problems down the road.

  • Maintains engine integrity
  • Improves engine performance
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Decreases oil consumption
  • Decreases auto emissions
  • Maintains Manufacturer's Powertrain Warranty Requirements

  • Services for filters / fluids include the following:

  • Cabin air filter
  • Fuel filter
  • Oil change
  • Synthetic oil filters

  • As mentioned above we recommend Synthetic Oil as it is better for your vehicle. It lasts longer, runs cleaner and helps get more out of your engine. Which also means it’s more expensive, but it’s well worth the extra investment. We highly recommend you never go from Synthetic Oil back to Conventional Oil just to save money.

    On the other hand, Conventional Oil has worked great for decades. If your vehicle has conventional oil, and that is what is suggested by the dealer, we suggest you continue using it. It’s how your car was designed. There are some rare cases we may suggest a change but that is on a case by case basis.