Automobiles run on either diesel or gasoline engines- difference lies in the ignition. While gasoline run engines cost less, it has the tendency to heat up faster than diesel engines. We could thank Rudolph Diesel for the highly efficient diesel powered engine we have today. Although it cost slightly higher than gasoline, its efficiency rating is beyond that of gasoline powered vehicles. If you are hoping for a longer life span on your vehicle and its engine, a regular Diesel Service and Repair can do the trick.

Calgary auto service center many years in the service and repair business has certainly earned the loyalty and trust of car owners. We stand above the rest when it comes to superior car maintenance and service.
You can entrust us your vehicle and let our expert technicians and modern facilities do their job.

Our services for Diesel include the following:

EGR Delete/Removal

Injector Testing

Injector Remove Replace

Injector Service

DPF Delete

Diesel Performance Upgrades

Computer Diagnostic Repair

Engine Rebuilds / Replacement

Transmission Rebuilds / Replacement

Differential Rebuilds / Replacement

Injection Pump Rebuilds / Replacement

Turbo Repair / Replacement

Suspension Repair