Start Diagnosing Your Battery 
Perform some quick tests on your battery before you come to our shop.

Here are some signs to look for:

  • Your engine takes longer to start 
  • The Check Engine light may appear 
  • The battery case has swollen and/or smells like rotten eggs 

You can test your battery at home by turning your key in the on position; turning on the highlights, the heater blower motor, and any other electrical accessories; and then tapping the horn. If the headlights dim, it is time to get the battery tested in-shop. 

A non-performing battery can potentially damage your charging system and starter, and puts unnecessary wear on the battery starter alternator. 

How to Boost Your Car Battery 
It is not recommended to boost your vehicle’s battery on your own. This task should be performed by a certified technician with the proper equipment and procedures. If you are considering a boost or similar procedure, please give us a call for additional help with car batteries in the Calgary area.

The Life of Your Battery 
Generally, a car battery will last 3 to 5 years. You should have your battery inspected on a yearly basis. Certain driving habits and frequent short trips can shorten battery life. 

Our services for battery, charging and starting systems include the following: 
Alternator Belt, Alternator Repair, Alternator Replacement, Alternator Tensioner, Alternator Testing, Alternator Troubleshooting, Battery Charge,Battery Load Test, Battery Maintenance, Battery Replacement, Battery Testing, Battery Troubleshooting, Ignition Switch, Starter Relay and Starter Repair. 

For any need concerning car batteries, Calgary residents can turn to Apollo Transmission. Contact us today at 403-287-9700.